Globalpeace Campus INC corporate purpose

Globalpeace Real estate and art

Information for shareholders and sponsors

The Globalpeace Campus INC / USA-Florida Register-No. P15000005667 with office in Europe Calle Olivera Carrer Olivera No. 35, La Mola, 07157 Port d'Andratx, Mallorca, is the exclusive world-rights user of all Globalpeace Campus licenses through a licensing agreement. The Company has a share capital of US $ 1,000 divided into 1000 million common shares (registered or bearer shares) (non valeu shears). All 1000 million common shares are issued with voting rights. Of the ordinary shares, each year a limited number of registered shares issued by the Company are issued as free shares. The Company's free registered shares are not available for purchase and are limited to 49% of all common shares. The free shares are for employees, homebuyers and real estate tenants, business partners and their employees, partners and customers as well as sponsors, patrons, patrons and art collectors, buyers and readers of the book: "Information - The Principle of Creation" and to buyers of Código Universo artworks as well Sponsor and VIP packages issued. The shareholder confirmation or his trustee will receive the confirmation of participation by e-mail.

The holders of the registered shares are listed as shareholders in the main share register of the Company. Shares may also be registered in the name of the shareholders or in the name of trustees in the main share register at the registered office of the Company and kept in the commercial register. The cost of registering shareholders in the commercial register is borne by the shareholder. Information about the company and invitations to shareholders meetings will be communicated to the shareholder or the trustee by e-mail. Capital increase resolutions become valid with 50% and one share of the represented share capital.

The sale of the Código Universo books, artworks and the sponsorship and VIP packages will be used to acquire investment properties in the Globalpeace Campus centers and to plan and realize the entire Gobalpeace (eg property financing and construction planning) as well as the conceptual design. To support the use of individual units in Globalpeace and to program the Globalpeace operating software as well as to buy, sell and license licenses. It is corporate purpose to invest profits after distributing the ethical shareholder dividends into further Globelpeace real estate.

Globalpeace Real estate and art

Start and use of capital:

The capital raised through the sale of the books, artworks and sponsorship and VIP packages, after deducting the art and book-building and distribution costs associated with the realization of Globalpeace Campus Centers, will be land acquisition, planning, financing and the purchase of Globalpeace Real estate units related.Limitierte Gratis-Aktien

The first free action is limited to 100 million shares.


The company has no extraordinary liabilities.

Business purpose:

Fundraising and financing to build Globalpeace Campus Center. The business purpose is further: To achieve ethical returns with the following Globalpeace real estate business units:

  1. To search, select and organize land financing for Globalpeace Campus centers
  2. Globalpeace build Campus centers
  3. Grant country licenses to Globalpeace Campus Centers
  4. To acquire, rent or operate real estate units in Globalpeace campus centers

Initial public offering:

It is intended that the shares of the Company will be traded on the stock market in the medium term.

Return on capital

Return on capital forecasts can not be delivered at the moment.

Capital requirements

The capital requirement of the company is calculated at approx. 2 500 million euros.