Joint stock company of Código Universo Invest Holding SA

Liedtke Museum Operating company Corporate purpose

Information for sponsors and shareholders of the Liedtke Museum Mallorca

Código Universo Invest Holding S.A. is the exclusive user of the Código Universo distribution or operating licences for Mallorca and the following areas through a licence agreement:

  1. Liedtke Museum Exposition Código Universo
  2. Dieter Walter Liedtke Gallery
  3. Cultural tourism, gastronomy and cultural events
  4. Código Universo Seminars
  5. Rental exhibitions for museums World art exhibitions art open Código Universo
  6. Development of the Código Universo Art Collection
  7. Film Cain's reversal

as well as publishing and distribution of books, art and real estate. The company has a share capital of 60,000 euros, divided into 6 million shares of 1 cent each. 6 million ordinary shares with voting rights will be issued. Of the 6 million ordinary shares, 1.5 million shares with voting rights will be issued as free registered shares. The free registered shares of the Company are not purchasable and are limited. The free registered shares are issued to employees, business partners and their employees, partners and customers, as well as sponsors, patrons and art collectors, real estate buyers and buyers and readers of Código Universo books, as well as buyers of sponsor and VIP packages and buyers of Código Universo artworks. The confirmation of participation will be sent to the shareholder or his trustee by e-mail. The shareholders participate in the company's dividend payments. The ordinary shares of the company are registered shares or bearer shares. The owners of the registered shares or their trustees are recorded as shareholders in the share register at the registered office of the company or at the registered office of the trustee. The bearer shares are delivered to the purchaser (see paragraph 4 Delivery of the General Terms and Conditions). Information on the company and invitations to shareholders' meetings are sent to the shareholder or trustee exclusively by e-mail. Capital increase resolutions become legally binding with 50% and one share of the represented share capital.


The company has no extraordinary liabilities.

Capital requirements

The capital requirement of the company is calculated at approx. 15 million euros.

The business purpose of Código Universo Invest Holding S.A. is the raising of capital and financing of the following cultural business areas:

  • Develop new business models in Ethical Capitalism for areas 1 to 7.
  • Co-produce the film Cain's reversal.
  • Create a Liedtke art collection with certified value of the works
  • Manage the Liedtke Museum in Port d'Andratx with cafeteria-restaurant, seminars, gallery and shop, as well as license Código Universo for all areas of distribution; present and sell works of art from Código Universo at art fairs and organize the loan of works of art to museums and collections of works of art from Código Universo of D. W. Liedtke and organize the distribution of works of art, graphics, books and catalogues and online shops.
  • Participate in national and foreign companies.

Start and use of funds

The company holds distribution licenses from Dieter Walter Liedtke for the artist's prints and books.

The capital raised by the sale of the books and works of art is used, after deduction of the art and book production costs as well as the advertising and distribution costs, to create and expand the 1 to 7 áreas of the museum company Código Universo Invest Holding S.A., Port d'Andratx.

Limited free shares

The first free share offer is limited to 500,000 shares.

Return of investment

Yield projections cannot be made at present.