Media contact guarantee

of Fundación Liedtke Puerto de Andratx

The ethics sponsor uses his preferential right to switch sponsor packages with a 1,000er contact price of approx. 10, - euro for possible medium customer contacts. The media contacts include sponsoring advertising in all media that appear in editorial Codigo Universo reports, in Codigo Universo's own media as well as in third-party media, print, Internet, radio and TV until the guaranteed media contacts for the sponsor have been reached. Among the possible media contacts are also media reports and advertisements, in all media, about the Codigo Universo or about Dieter Liedtke activities, the Codigo Universo projects, the art open art exhibitions and/or about possible contacts with the Dieter Liedtke Codigo Universo books, with the social network aimeim, with the Globalpeace Campus, with the Liedtke Museum in Spain. Likewise rank among the possible medium contacts and the medium contact warranty in all media: Culture Events as well as medium reports over Dieter Liedtke, the Liedtke museum the Codigo Universo and codigo universo and art open art exhibitions, the Globalpeace Campus, the TOE the theory of everything, the art formula, the aimeim cell rejuvenation, the i = E = MC2 formula in which the sponsor 1. is not represented with its Logo or 2. by photo(s) or 3. is not mentioned by name or in stretch it is not brought in connection by the sponsor advertisement 1. to 3., which it can use however as sponsor for its advertisement, in as temporal connection as possible, in these media.