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The divisions of the company are:

  • 1. Liedtke Museum Exposition Código Universo
  • 2. Dieter Walter Liedtke Gallery
  • 3. Culture tourism gastronomie and culture events
  • 4. Código Universo Seminars
  • 5. Loan exhibitions for museums World Art Exhibitions art open - Código Universo
  • 6. Building the Código Universo art collection
  • 7. Film Cain's reversal
“Dieter Liedtke is thoroughly creative. In Andratx, on Mallorca, on a steep slope, he has realized
his vision of architecture in a building that respects the nature of Mallorca.
It also houses his museum

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann, 1999

Aussicht auf den Felsen im Abendrot
View of the rock in the sunset
The building designed and built 1989 - 1992 by Dieter Walter Liedtke as a brain sculpture with museum, cafe-restaurant and open-air stage (videos on the rocks), seminar room, gallery, shop, pool and sculpture landscape.


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  • Dieter Walter Liedtke
  • transfers books, graphics and original works of art to the museum operating company
    Código Universo Invest Holding S.A.

  • Address Europe
    Carrer Olivera No. 35, La Mola
    07157 Port d'Andratx, Mallorca - CIF: ES A 57720971
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    Liedtke Museum Port d'Andratx
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