Works of art with certificate of value

Revolutionary art investment concept
Enables decision security for
Art buyers, museums, auction houses and art dealers.
Works of art by Dieter Liedtke with Artinvest certificate.

Five reasons to buy a work of art from
Dieter Walter Liedtke:
(Media and art historians write Dieter Liedtke is the new Leonardo da Vinci)

The reasons
1. Dieter Liedtke is the most innovative artist in art history his works include innovations of unprecedented empirically scientifically proven quality with revolutionary philosophical
statements and new scientific findings.
(His works of art anticipated 15 Nobel Prizes by decades.)

2. each work of art has an "Artinvest" (art historical value certificate) which guarantees that the work described is an original work by Dieter Liedtke and not a decoration, copy or replica and that the work meets the scientific innovation criteria (listing the innovations and their level of innovation) of a work of art in art history.

3rd Dieter Liedtke
has decided to sell original artworks and limited art prints.
Herewith he wants to realize two projects, the non-profit Fundacion Liedtke, founded by him in 1999:
a. Health and cell rejuvenation for everyone

as well as

b. promote and accelerate peace between religions.

4. it is now planned that his works will
on the international art market.

5. the art market shows: High appreciation and yield values for the art of the best 50 artists since 1945 (the yield is higher than for real estate, stocks and is almost 300% above the yield of gold in the last 30 years) give the buyer a capital investment security. As well as the pleasure of owning an art-historically evolutionary work by Dieter Liedtke with ethical returns, since the net proceeds from the sale of the works of art are used exclusively for charitable purposes; the promotion of the health of all people ( and for peace-building (


The revolutionary art investment certificate
for Dieter Walter Liedtke's works of art.
Security and return for buyers, sellers and traders.
(Sales of the artworks of the 50 best artists since 1945, prove approx. 1100% increase in value.
Evaluations from approx. 700 internal sources. Auction houses with over 5 million sales in 30 years)

Visit our Artinvest Gallery in the Liedtke Museum
and find yourself a Dieter Walter Liedtke
hand-signed, limited art graphics, edition of 10, with Artinvest appreciation certificate from 490,- Euro
or a
art-historically significant original works of art
between 20,000 euros and 10 million euros with an appreciation guarantee certificate Artinvest.

07157 Puerto de Andratx La Mola C/ Olivera 35

In line with the new international orientation
of the overall concept to the sale of important works of art history
by Dieter Liedtke we offer for:
Art historians, art experts, gallery owners, art dealers Museum employees with art history training
an activity as:

Artinvest online art dealer.

Art historical scientific empirical, continuing education with the art formula
The "Artinvest" certificate training with evaluation guidelines of the innovations in the respective work of art in relation to art history takes place for suitable applicants in the Liedtke Museum in Puerto de Andratx Mallorca.
without a training fee.

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