The new Da Vinci?


The Codigo Universo exhibition in the Liedtke Museum Mallorca

An innovative journey of art through the universe, into your own genes and herewith into the future of society.

The Codigo Universo exhibition i = E = MC2 is a mental and visual adventure trip to a better future.

The inventor, researcher and philosopher Dieter Walter Liedtke from Essen, 71 years old, has an exhibition under the name of his adopted home of Mallorca in the Liedtke Museum in Puerto de Andratx, which was designed and built by him and has the shape of a brain from an aerial perspective Curated Codigo Universo. She documents his more than 40 years of art research through his works of art historians, scientists and Nobel Prize winners in their statements confirmed works. The result is an innovation journey of awareness for those of all ages.

The journey in the museum begins with the innovative power of man and its expression in art. It goes through the creative power of the universe into genetics and from there into the future of humanity. The entire exhibition is divided into four sections:

  1. the decoding of the art
    2. the final mystification of the mysteries of the universe
    3. the puzzle resolution of the new and reprogramming of genes
    4 .the ethical reorganization of social systems and religions

Liedtke has developed a simple red / yellow graphic formula (Codigo Universo) as a vehicle for traversing all four universe areas, the meaning of which is obvious to everyone.

As galaxy stop, equipped with stools to rest, additional explanatory panels, quotes and poems in German, English and Spanish are incorporated.

The equipment for the adventure of the journey is:

  1. a minimum age of about 8 years (is usually given).
    2. an open mind who tries to understand the unknown things and then judges (it is often still necessary to work on that).

The artist or the cabin crew are happy to help the visitor become a new da Vinci. They look forward to your visit to the Liedtke Museum (free admission), which is easy to find thanks to good road signs in Puerto de Andratx.

If the trip becomes too turbulent, you can get out and on another day, open every day, continue the thought adventure of your own new future as Leonardo da Vinci. The flight attendants of the museum are also happy to provide advice and assistance or to serve a refreshing drink.

The unique and special of the Codigo Universo exhibition in Mallorca

For the first time in art history, artworks show their inner and real task as contributions to the evolution of man. The puzzles of art, the universe, genetics and the permanent life as well as social systems and religions are solved with a formula, the Codigo Universo, by the art exhibition of the same name, the future development, health, human personality and ethics and human rights to promote in societies and religions. This is one of the most beautiful tasks for art and has been achieved here for the first time worldwide through an art exhibition in a museum, whereby the museum has been equipped by the non-profit Fundacion Liedtke with original works of art to make this possible.

Mikhail Gorbachev, former President of the USSR, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and patron of my Codigo Universo art exhibition art open expressed this in a letter to me:

I hope that your pioneering approach will contribute to a wider, immediate acquaintance of many people with the arts. I think it is a particularly important and noble task in our time.

Statement by scientists from different fields of science about the work of Dieter Walter Liedtke::

Dieter Liedtke's formula is also confirmed for literature and its history.

Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Karasek

We explored the concept of the exhibition art open in detail and found that Liedtke's art formula also applies to music and its history..

Prof. Dr. Franz Müller-Heuser
Direktor der Musikhochschule Köln / Mitglied des UNESCO-Musikkomitees
Präsident des deutschen Musikrates /Berater der art open Kunstausstellung 1999 in Essen

Not the detail seems important to him, but the overall view. It also expresses itself in the creative process, in the way in which he seems to treat the materials seemingly carelessly and intuitively. This is the religious, metaphysical, timeless level of Dieter W. Liedtke. The fourth dimension. The viewer experiences this philosophical level from the holistic comprehension of his works. The natural scientist opens up a level of information that can show him from Liedtke's works new approaches and theories for scientific experiments and new paths of knowledge. Dieter Liedtke's artworks have mind-expanding functions. They open up a new world to the beholder, art historian and researcher.

Prof. Karl Ruhrberg, Köln
Direktor des Museums Ludwig (Köln) Präsident des
Internationalen Kunstkritikerverbands (Deutsche Sektion.AICA

In fact, the works of Dieter W. Liedtke, who gave form to his visions of the abstraction of visual art, are comparable in their meaning to the sketches and models of a Leonardo da Vinci because they have captured and portrayed real and significant scientific knowledge at one time. when the respective scientific disciplines themselves were still far away. Just as da Vinci's work on aerodynamics, anatomy, or statics today has a value as a World Heritage Site, bearing witness to the power of a mind far ahead of its time, so does Dieter W. Liedtke's work in proportion to the distribution of its contents climb.

Dr. Jost-Hof
Kultur- und Komunikationswissenschaftler

On the basis of the lost method since the Renaissance of conducting scientific research with the help of art and philosophy, Liedtke is the first artist to achieve art and research results of the highest quality after almost five centuries. "" His foresighted insights are evident in his works of art, books and art Exhibitions documented shortly after their creation. Regularly, they find confirmation in the fact that, independently of Liedtke's art and research, years later leading scientists in the most diverse fields of science have provided proof of Liedtke's results through new studies. In 2000, the neurobiologist Eric Kandel receives the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his research results, which were anticipated by the works of art of Dieter W. Liedtke by 20 years and in his book: "The Awareness of Matter" (published in 1982) were documented. Researchers Andrew Fire and Craig Mello received the Nobel Prize in 2006 for their 1998 discovery of how genes control genes, thereby confirming D. Liedtke's artworks of the 1980s: genes and gene programs can be switched on and off.

Dr. Thomas Föhl
Kunsthistoriker Klassik Stiftung Weimar
Mitglied des Direktoriums

The resulting targeted intervention and the rapid acceleration of biocultural evolution would probably put all the current possibilities of cloning in the shade. To be precise, the art formula of art open life + awareness enhancement = art perhaps even describes a theoretical concept of the biocultural evolution of man as a whole.

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Schrenk
Stellvertretender Direktor des
Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt

But his theories and research results are revolutionary not only in art, but also in the natural sciences and the humanities, drawing a new picture of a universe without mystery, among the premises that have been established. For the first time in art history, statements that were manifested in Dieter Liedtke's works of art and theories were backed up by research by scientists whose works of art were unknown, decades after their creation and publication as research results; For the researchers in question, they have led to 15 Nobel Prizes in medicine, physics and economics. Liedtke has previously anticipated two Nobel Prizes in physics with the content of his works.

Manfred Schrey
Professor Dr. Manfred Schrey
Köln Technical University

The positive energy of the inventor and Leonardo da Vinci of contemporary art, Dieter Liedtke, can be experienced by every visitor to the exhibition. His works, theories and concepts are revolutionary, contagious and point the way to a humane society for the arts and the sciences.

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann
Kunsthistoriker und Leiter der Documenta (1972)
Bienale de Lyon (1997), Bienale di Venezia (1999 und 2001)
Berater der Código Universo Kunstausstellung art open

Liedtke modifies and dissolves the framework of known theories. His new scientific theories are at the same time the condition and product of their own operation. One could think of an evolutionary achievement that, once invented and introduced, enables itself. Transferring the result to the system of modern society, which puts its structures in force and out of force through decisions, we see a result of evolution. Dieter Liedtke's findings and works of art require the construction of an observer, God, for whom time is present as the totality of all times.

Prof. Niklas Luhmann
Sozialwissenschaftler und Gesellschaftstheoretiker
Berater der código universo art open Kunstausstellung

Exposition: Codigo Universo

Kunst ist eine neue Information

New information is added to species-preserving qualities at the base level, leading to their mental rewriting or to new functional controls of the genes. The basic level summarizes all areas of consciousness, the subconscious of the genes, and the imaginary fields, which are not limited by matter, and thus refers to the entire information potential of a living being. A pictorial formula that makes these processes visible to all not only explains art for the first time, but also restores the symbiosis of art, research and technology that existed centuries ago (renaissance). In the evolution, the redescription of the basic level, the picture information and thus of the fine arts have a higher function. We think, dream and create visions. From the point of view of the base level, we can create new vision sequences in all sensory areas. The recording and stabilization of these sequences is possible for third parties through the arts, research and technology. As soon as the recipient at least suspects the species-preserving function, vision sequences in the base level with all sensory impressions and reactions are stored as new information and are thus available. The now extended base level promotes new thinking processes with connections anchored by the emotions, new vision sequences adapted to species-preserving decision-making when needed or trained. This development is continued on the one hand by the oscillation, between the base plane and the vision sequences and on the other hand, it is dependent on the level of knowledge and thus on the viewpoint of all points of view in the time and consciousness landscape, outside and inside simultaneously, in time as well as in times, three-dimensionally spirally networked and timeless four-dimensional in nonbeing and being temporally and spatially unlimited, (see also the works of art and books: -the consciousness of matter / 1982 The fourth dimension / 1987 and The key to What connects the caveman with Leonardo da Vinci and Joseph Beuys / 1990 - by Dieter Liedtke), and with these information and insights added in its basic level, enters its own time again. This leads to new gene programming, neural networks of the brain and thus to the increase in creativity and intelligence, to creativity parallel activities, creativity energies, decisions and finally to action, by the evolutionary laws prescribed gene programmed automatic -Redescriptions, triggered by the base level, to the possibility to create an open future.

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