The evolution museum

As thought in the brain and in thought trains and knowledge walk.

In the thoughts of other people, as thought in the world cultural head of art epochs and the innovations of peoples and artists to enter with their own thoughts, transform his own innovative thoughts with the creative thoughts of peoples in walking and complement and change themselves by knowledge change. The exhibition walls of the museum, with their novel slidable arrangement of walls, guarantee each exhibition a new route based on the concept of the sandbox and brain, leading the museum visitor to follow a new neuronal concept with the world formula for each art exhibition to be forever to encounter new findings again.

The semi-transparent glass roof construction of the museum allows the outside observer to recognize the differently colored light of the museum roof, as through the ever new ways of knowledge of art exhibitions (with their movable walls) with ever new contexts of works of art, such as the images in the human brain, respectively to shine a new light.

The museum has been designed as a skullcap with a glass construction as a head protruding from the ground and inside the museum as a sandbox model by Dieter Liedtke.

The concept is supported by the development of a new window construction for the roof. The new glass structure allows a variable light incidence with climate regulation for the artworks and with an independent renewable energy production for the museum (explaining the brain sandbox model on the development of creativity that stands as a planning template and concept for the museum on campus. which demonstrates the permanent process of how the compounds form in the brain was confirmed in 2000 by awarding the Nobel Prize in Medicine to Eric Kandel).

The Código Universo for the promotion of creativity in the exhibition art open

On the basis of 1,000 original works of art, the mysticism of our culture is decoded and the decoding of creativity in the works as well as the equality (by understanding) of artwork and viewer not only a thousand times but a million times (as brain research through studies on the formation of synopses and Axons evidences) new neural network branches and neural pathways for ideas and creativity through the transfer of knowledge, which transmit the creative intelligence manifested in the works to the observer (the mirror neurons discovered only in the 90s prove this connection).

As a result of this improved neural network structure, with a higher density of connections, the increase in creative intelligence, the development of personality, new joie de vivre and curiosity as the basis of a motivation development through knowledge in the exhibition visitor is recorded.

Every kind open - Código Universo exhibition is a world premiere, it democratizes the arts and creativity.

The works document the revolutionary art, creativity and innovative power and their significance for our development in an unprecedented compilation, including art history, museums and the works of art of the exhibiting country.

The three messages of the exhibition:

Every human being is confirmed more creatively and in dignity and uniqueness through the visual recognition of the creativity of the artworks.
The innovative power of the population is increasing.
Fears dwindle the future opens up for all people.
The exhibition will be shown in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, the Orient and Europe.

The creativity blocks can be lifted by the Código Universo. Every amoeba, every plant, every animal and every virus is, as research shows, creative (jellyfish and slipper animals can even rejuvenate their cells and theoretically live forever). Only in humans should creativity be the exceptional situation

For me, the causes of illness, death, poverty, terrorism, class and racial hatred, and war are in the coding of art and thus in the coding of the access of man's natural, evolutionary, gene-programmed creativity. The lost access to one's own creativity through art-ciphering deprives man of dignity makes him poor, helpless, depressed, ill, instinctively lost and aggressive as well as dependent on the creativity of a select few or other peoples.

The research and works of art prove this new information, insights, the abolition of mystical puzzles of mankind or, in particular, the decoding of art, immediately to new neural and thus physical networks in the brain (also by the mirror neurons in the brain) and thus directly to improved creative intelligence, Personality and innovative power in the recipient or exhibition visitor leads.

In order to achieve a particular widespread effect in the population, it is useful to dissolve well-known puzzles through knowledge and information. Art is the best power for new information and insights, as 99% of the population says that it does not understand art and thus how creativity actually arises. The creativity potential of 99% of the population lies fallow. Increasing it from 1% to 2% means, theoretically measurable, more patent applications and a doubling of economic growth. The formula explains all the art of the world for every 8-year-old with her simple graphics. The abolition of art riddles and barriers to creativity holds the greatest future potential for all people: more ideas, economic growth and ecology, and a healthier and longer life.

Millions of works collected and exhibited in museums bear witness to the testimony of the art historians and the accuracy of the art open - Código Universo, which documents that it is the essence and efficiency of art that exposes itself to information and a document of innovation evidenced in art and art history as well as the evolution of cultures of peoples.

Internationally renowned art historians, scholar philosophers, museums, collectors and artists have reviewed the Código Universo - art open art formula (and presented it for free at the 1999 exhibition in Essen, over 1,000 original works of art of outstanding artistic and historical importance) the exhibition had a material value of several 100 million euros) - as confirmed by their participation in the exhibition as well as in press conferences and own publications the correctness and the revolutionary art historical importance of the Código Universo.

The development of the art exhibition art open

The exhibition breaks many taboos of the traditional and established art scene

The first evolutionary exhibition of art history was developed, organized and realized by Dieter Walter Liedtke. The first exhibition, art open, took place on July 23 through July 15, 1999 in Essen (Germany) on 23,000 m2 of exhibition space: art was first decoded by a formula that everyone understands. From the history of painting, in cooperation with international museums and collectors, original works of relevant artists are exhibited, which have contributed significantly to the transformation of art through their innovation and have never been shown together.

A didactic, audiovisual treatment of the art formula, documented by CD-ROM, video presentations and original works, opens up access to art and innovation for all.

The world premiere of this revolutionary formula was accompanied by changing art events, talk shows and art competitions, as well as world premieres with high entertainment value, in the art 24 open day art exhibition art open in Essen for fine arts, literature, music and film.

In violation of the Constitution and existing laws, the exhibition was closed after five days for political reasons, on flimsy grounds and evenly-spaced press after 5 days.

see also the book: Code Liedtke / art open closed Edition 1 and 2 2005/06


  • Her Royal Highness Sofia of Spain,
  • Michail Gorbatschow,
  • Friedensnobelpreisträger
  • Dr. Norbert Blüm
  • Deutscher Minister

Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Prof. Niklas Luhmann,
  • Prof. Dr. Franz Müller-Heuser,
  • Prof. Karl Ruhrberg,
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann

Exhibition Management:

  • Dieter Walter Liedtke
  • Sonderausstellung J. Miotte
  • Sonderausstellungen 19. Jh. und russisches Mittelalter
  • Chris Burden - Flying Steamroller 1991 - 1996
  • Peter Paul Rubens - Gottvater und Sohn 1616/1617
  • Kasimir Malewitsch - Rotes Quadrat 1915
  • Christo - Sonderausstellung
  • Wassily Kandinsky - St. Georg 1911
art open 1999 Essen
art open 1999 Essen
Liedtke-Museum in Port d‘Andratx


Apartments / Seminare

  • Seminario
    Apartment mit Meerblick
  • Pollock
    Deluxe Studio mit Doppelbett
  • Rembrandt
    Studio Apartment
  • Kandinsky
    Doppelbettzimmer mit Meerblick
  • Da Vinci
    Studio mit Meerblick
  • Picasso
    Doppelzimmer mit Meerblick
  • Boticelli
    Apartment - Erdgeschoss
  • Van Gogh
    Budget Doppelzimmer
  • Liedtke
    Deluxe Suite mit Meerblick
  • Dali
    Deluxe Apartment