Globalpeace Park

Globalpeace Park

The Globalpeace Campus Park

The Peace Energy Sculpture park of the 1000 peoples, religions and cultures

With over 1000 energy sculptures is the energy sculpture park of the artist Dieter Walter Liedtke, each of which is ever designed and signed for a people or tribe with the religious, folk or tribal symbols with the world formula goes high and the peoples Religions combining integration and symbolism.

Each of the more than a thousand energy sculptures of the cultures has a diameter of about 76 cm, is 3 m high and has vertically shaped and shaped wings.

The visitor may wish:

for more creativity and more peace in the world, in prayer, in a meditation or just to learn more about today's and the lost cultures in the park from the sculptures, with them spiritual contact through their image, music and language symbols and transforming itself to its roots of spiritual origin as well as in a superordinated view of the change of the park itself and to perceive pictorially with its own impetus that all peoples and religions are an important, irreplaceable part of humanity, the person walking in the park can change the culture and innovations of the peoples of the energy sculptures by turning the vertical prayer wheels take up spiritual energy and connections to the cultures and generate energies and Senergien by turning the energy sculptures.

The energy sculptures are equipped as energy producers in such a way that the turning and the solar radiation (photovoltaic) per energy sculpture produce approx. 1300 to 2000 watts of electric energy. The energy sculptures are placed along the paths of the park in such a way that wind energy with a medium wind volume can generate this energy as an energy park. After the patent application of the artist, they will also be able to convert and use the energy as horizontally mounted wind energy wheels on the roofs of houses as well as vertical wind turbines on motorways or railway lines plus the wind of vehicles. The windmills can be stopped by special design features of children rotated. The special design of the technology and the flights of the wind energy wheels meets all safety requirements in all countries and thus makes it possible to use natural energy and spiritual energy as one and future energy and Senergie source.

The beginning of a new world

With the concept of the Globalpeace Campus, Liedtke consistently pursues his new theory, today already confirmed for the Monument of Stonehenge by science, that works of art, sculptures and buildings of ancient civilizations were mainly created or built to serve the purpose of information through To transport knowledge light, so that it could be used for the healing and promotion of the power of the individual as well as the entire society, further developed and adapted to the needs of the or the people.

For example, the subsequent archaeological sites and artefacts in connection with light, ritual, healing and health centers are to be seen in which health and sometimes eternity rituals were celebrated with and for the chosen, in a direct line through evolution to today's time refer to each other and whose purpose was to open the way to eternity:

the cave painting of the Stone Age,
the Nabelberg in Göbekli Tepe (Turkey),
the building excavations in Jericho,
the circular ditches of the Celts in Europe, z. B. Goseck,
the megalithic cultures,
the plant of New Grange in Ireland,
The Circular of Stonehenge,
the sky disc of Nebra, Saxony-Anhalt,
the world-wide light pyramids the images of the Nasca culture,
the temples,
the hospitals,
the medical research institutes and their variations and combinations according to the respective political systems and structures.
Today, Liedtke sees the direct development of these old and present centers of knowledge and salvation distributed in the arts, in medicine, in research, in the media as well as in people, their religions and societies.

These new information, democratized and open to the new media, is transmitted to the astrological health and cognitive architecture of the Globalpeace campus, along with the knowledge of ancient cultures of healing human beings, social systems and their religions.

Permanent living and working.

A Museum of Creative Evolution of Man, as well as other educational institutions and a special universal devotional site devoted to religions, the Spirithall represent the spiritual offerings for visitors.

A park using solar energy of movable sculptures and parks contrasts the multi-storey buildings.

The Spirithall 

The Spiritual Center The Spirithall is a place that combines sites of religious practice and worship for all major religions. Unlike the Bahá'í Faith, which seeks a synthesis of the great monotheistic religions, the 'Spirithall' is not about a fusion of religions, but about an equal appreciation of their contributions to human intellectual history.

The building, with the shape of the pyramid, cites a sacred form known and used on several continents, but is specifically dedicated to the memory of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, who first attempted to introduce monotheism.

The orientation of the building in the direction of the compass draws on both Egyptian and Celtic traditions. The square as a base form represents for Liedtke the three spatial dimensions and the time that form the physical framework for the universe of information.

However, the Spirithall is only one of several monumental monumental sculptures that combine landscape symbolism and functionality.

The brain bowl 

The Evolutions-Museum

For the museum area Liedtke has realized on the already in Port de Andratx ingeniously realisiete and now in the developed protective structure of the human brain, the brain bowl, for the works of art as buildings.

The hea

The head, as the seat of the brain and thus the central institution of creativity, is also the inspiration for the building that will house the innovation factory, a synthesis of studios and studios, innovation market, hotel, wellness center, restaurants and cafes, galleries, cinema, concert hall, Theater, event and seminar center and living space for active creative people of all kinds.

The holy books 

In the beginning the word became: The building in the form of a book embodies all information, the holy books of the religions.

The information, which is structured according to Liedtke's theory i = E = MC2 at different speeds as the basis of space, gravity, time, energy, matter and DNA as well as the genes of the world, becomes in Liedtke's concept the fourth building in the Globalpeace Campus in book form , It also symbolizes the future of cell rejuvenation research and hosts the Innovation Monastery, the Invention Hospitals, the Philosophers' Pensions, a three- and a four-star hotel, the University of Innovation, and has a lobby as a temporary exhibition space Gene and epigenetic research center for cell rejuvenation, a health and cell rejuvenation center, a fitness center, management offices and a media center.


With the art exhibition The Theory of Everything i = E = MC2, the spiritual and architectural concept of the Globalpeace Campus, Dieter Liedtke manages a symbiosis of philosophy and functionalism that impressively demonstrates his qualities as a visionary and designer.

The merging of science, philosophy and art, expressing itself in his thoughts and insights, in his research and in his art, puts him in line with artist / researcher personalities such as Goethe or even Leonardo da Vinci.

Liedtke's architectural ideas focus on inspiration and its subject, the people of the present and the future. It is all about the individual, who is to move in them, to live in them and to identify with them, as well as to the humanity as a whole, to their under-utilized and under-funded potentials. With his statement Everybody becomes a new da Vinci Dieter Liedtke describes his vision of a more creative, thus more peaceful and ultimately ethical-responsible, dignified humanity with open social systems and endogmatized religions.

For him, art is not to be separated from cognition and progress, and as such a means of social change as is a medium for its documentation.

As central as the creative impulse, which is information for the art and cultural history as well as for the bio-cultural evolution of the humanity, is so comprehensive Liedtkes approach. This is expressed not least in its formula of the Codigo Universo and the contents developed from it as well as the architecture of the Globalpeace Campus.

Liedtke-Museum in Port d‘Andratx


Apartments / Seminare

  • Seminario
    Apartment mit Meerblick
  • Pollock
    Deluxe Studio mit Doppelbett
  • Rembrandt
    Studio Apartment
  • Kandinsky
    Doppelbettzimmer mit Meerblick
  • Da Vinci
    Studio mit Meerblick
  • Picasso
    Doppelzimmer mit Meerblick
  • Boticelli
    Apartment - Erdgeschoss
  • Van Gogh
    Budget Doppelzimmer
  • Liedtke
    Deluxe Suite mit Meerblick
  • Dali
    Deluxe Apartment